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Get An Edge On The Market

We aggregate the growing world of crypto data, and help you anticipate market sentiment shift.

We use data mining and machine learning to analyze news, social media content and a variety of other sources to help you follow and understand market sentiment across the cryptocurrency space..
The average retail crypto-investor spends tedious amounts of time searching among the good, the bad and the ugly.
We speed up this process by aggregating a lot of data and automatically deriving market sentiment indicators using our SentScore™ technology

Our next-generation platform is designed to save you time and provide a set of signals to help you follow along or act upon the ever-evolving crypto market trends.

How It Works

Predicoin is a friendly dashboard to help you keep track of your favorite cryptos and have real-time insights into market sentiment. From news to social media, it tracks and analyses millions of data sources related to many data points.

News Tracker

With such an abundance of crypto-related news, we aim at saving you time by aggregating the latest content and providing sentiment to help you stay up-to-date with the market and anticipate the next swings.

Social Media

We track social networks and influencers to understand market sentiment. We train our algorithms to evaluate the weight and direction of a trend, such as if a comment is bullish or bearish on a given cryptocurrency.


We use data such as transaction count, transaction volume, price, market cap, exchange volume, GitHub commits, team members and community etc. and carefully-crafted heuristics to determine general project attraction.

Viral impacts

New exchange listings, new partnerships, new blockchain business deals, FUD, good and bad buzz, we catch all viral crypto-related content.

Technical Analysis

Resistance and support levels, Fibonacci, Elliott Waves… Good technical analysis requires the use of multiple technical indicators. Many crypto-influencers and enthusiasts are contributing through websites, blogs and several other channels. We collect their analysis and correlate their predictions.

Stay On The Edge

Live Crypto Data Tracker

Our crypto content aggregator tracks and analyzes every source of cryptocurrency data, such as news or social media

New Crypto Trading Indicator

We provide crypto traders and enthusiasts a set of indicators to enhance their due diligence and ability to keep track of specific cryptocurrencies

Multi-facet Sentiment analysis

Our high-end semantic analysis detects a range of sentiment in the valence scale across a wide variety of textual content

Integrated User Experience

We render content aggregation and data analysis into a friendly interface and unique user experience

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